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Board of Directors Election Results for 2023

Three directors were elected to serve a three-year term during Goldbelt’s 49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders on July 8, 2023.

Two directors were reelected to the board: directors Lori M. Grant and Craig V. Kahklen. Lynette Page was newly elected to serve on Goldbelt’s board. They will serve until their term expires in 2026.

Election Results with Total Votes:

  • Lori Grant 137,963
  • Craig Kahklen 116,264
  • Lynette Page 92,522

Overall Election Statistics:

  • Quorum: 37,269
  • Discretionary: 41,013
  • Voter Percentage: 65.3%

All three elected officials were sworn in by Chair Todd Antioquia following the annual meeting.