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Goldbelt's Support for Herring Egg Harvest

Haa Kusteeyí - Our Way of Life 

Goldbelt supports its shareholders by harvesting G̱áax'w (herring eggs) through the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation.

The partnership between Goldbelt and the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation is focused on promoting sustainable herring egg harvesting for Alaska Native communities. Goldbelt provides financial support to the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation, enabling them to carry out herring egg harvesting activities to benefit Alaska Native people - our shareholders.

This collaboration recognizes the significant cultural importance of traditional foods within Indigenous communities. Traditional foods, like herring eggs, are vital to Indigenous people's way of life and heritage. By supporting sustainable herring egg harvesting, Goldbelt and the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation are ensuring the availability of these culturally significant foods and contributing to the preservation of Indigenous traditions and the overall well-being of shareholder communities.

On April 3, 2024, Goldbelt Heritage Foundation and Goldbelt Incorporated staff teamed up to distribute G̱áax'w (herring eggs) to hundreds of shareholder households on a first-come, first-served basis. We are proud to be able to keep this tradition alive for our shareholders in a sustainable manner. 

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