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Shareholder Benefits

Goldbelt Employment 

We are a fast-growing family of companies with employees and job opportunities in almost every state, territory, and internationally. We always seek highly motivated individuals to fill our exciting and diverse positions supporting our multifaceted capabilities. For more information, visit the careers tab on 


Goldbelt has various scholarships to apply for that range from higher education, non-degree seeking, vocational, and youth programs. For more information or to apply, visit 

Summer Internships

Goldbelt offers paid internships across our companies, allowing college students to explore their career paths. Interns will develop the industry skills to become qualified candidates while gaining valuable experience and building professional networks. 

Annual Dividends:

The Board will declare the dividend amount and set the dividend's record date and payment date. Unless otherwise specified by the Board, the payment date will be the third week in November, before Thanksgiving. 

Voting Incentives:

It pays to vote! Goldbelt provides a monetary incentive for eligible shareholders to vote in the annual election of the board of directors. Valid proxies must be received by the voting deadline each year. 

Elder Dividend:

Goldbelt's shareholders are the reason our corporation exists. You drive our growth and success; your participation moves us forward. Goldbelt gives original shareholders a oneā€time payment of $1,000 upon their 65th birthday as a gift to our elders. 

Burial Benefits:

Goldbelt has two options under the Funeral Benefit Program: A) pre-payment of $1,000 will be made to the funeral home or mortuary with provided proof of burial contract and provided receipts, OR B) a payment of $1,000 toward funeral and associated expenses upon the death of a shareholder.

Supporting Shareholder Businesses: 

Goldbelt has an online Shareholder Business and Artist Directory where shareholders and our companies can connect on services or art they made need. Visit